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Without your help, WMSA could not be the successful league that we are. Thank you for committing your time and energy to helping kids have fun and learn soccer in Walden.

WMSA Philosophy

Walden Minor Soccer Association encourages fair play in a friendly sporting environment where learning the sport and enjoying the company of friends as well as finding new friends is paramount. WMSA is a recreational league. The most important thing is for all kids to have fun. We do not subscribe to creating an intensely competitive environment but instead want to see all participants back the following year and having fun as well as getting plenty of exercise. We trust that all parents, players and coaches alike will help support our ideals.

To help instill this philosophy, coaches must ensure all players have equal playing time. Try not to run up the score if your team is winning easily. We do not want to see young players demoralized by being on the wrong end of a high score. Help make this a positive experience for all players.

If you have questions or need forms/equipment, please contact your Convenor or email

Helpful Coaching Tools


Coach Registration

Everyone Needs to be Registered!

Coaches & Assistant Coaches Registration

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches (as well as any parent who is on the field helping out a team) must have filled in the Coaches / Assistant Coaches Registration Form, for insurance purposes.

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must have a police check (CPIC) submitted to WMSA prior to being on the field with the kids. For more information, please visit the GSPS website here:  for their  Police Check page.

Please ensure that you have submitted a copy of the Police Check Report to or to the appropriate Convenor before the first session.

Player Registration

Coaches have been provided with a list of all those on their team who have been registered and paid. No one else is allowed to play. Because a player’s registration must be entered into the OSA database, new players cannot be allowed on the field until the coach has been formally advised by the Convenor.

Other Registration

​Anyone who helps on the field must complete the Registration Form for Coaches & Assistants Coaches and be registered in the OSA database. Coaches should be encouraged to have one or two of the parents complete the registration form if there is a chance they may be asked to fill in as coach for even one game this season.

Insurance Coverage

Please note that our insurance policy covers only those events related to regular soccer activities. Anything planned with your team before or after the game, or games that are not sanctioned are not covered by our insurance policy. Also, parents cannot take part in scrimmage games.

In the event of a serious injury to a player (sprain, broken limb, other notable bodily injury), the parent of the injured child will need to fill in Injury Report forms in order to make a claim to the OSA Insurance Policy. Your Convenor must also be notified that same night.

For general information on the insurance provided through the Ontario Soccer Association, including how to submit a claim, detailed information on how to make an insurance claim, including the insurance claim form, please visit the OSA website. Including their  FAQs on the OSA insurance policy, including what is covered.

Police Record Check Policy

WMSA requires that all Coaches and Assistant Coaches provide a Police Record Check (CPIC) to WMSA before commencing coaching, as per Ontario Legislation (Bill 24-2011, An Act to provide protection for minors participating in amateur sports). CPICs must be valid within two years of August 2022.

CPICs will be kept on file by WMSA for three years. The original will be returned to you.

If you do not already have a CPIC, WMSA will reimburse costs.​

Season Start Up

Coaches should phone all parents as soon as possible to advise them of the date, time and location of the first night. When phoning parents, advise them that the players should wear cleats, shin pads, socks, shorts and t-shirt the first night so they will be prepared to have a scrimmage.

The soccer season for all teams starts on either Wednesday,  or Thursday,  (depending on your age division). There will not be any official games that night – no referees will be assigned.​

Coaches should use the night to:

  • hand out the uniforms and schedules
  • introduce the coach and assistants
  • reiterate the WMSA philosophy
  • recruit any additional assistants (if required)
  • make sure they have completed the Registration Form for Coaches & Assistants Coaches and have a valid CPIC
  • create a “snack schedule”
  • explain how the season will function, including photographs, etc.
  • have parents download the Handbook for Coaches, Parents and Players

Make sure all your parents have the phone number and email address of both the coach and assistant coach. You should encourage parents to advise you if their children are going to miss a game. You should also encourage parents to sign up for the Weather Update email so you do not have to inform parents of game cancellations due to weather.

Coaches are also encouraged to have either a practice or short scrimmage on the first night.

NOTE: When you get receive your uniforms (one shirt, pair of shorts and socks per player), please ensure everything is there. Advise your Convenor immediately if anything is missing.

Harassment Policy

The WMSA will not tolerate harassment of any kind!

We support the OSA Harassment Policy, and encourage all coaches to review it. Our goal is to act in ways that strive to protect the health and well-being of all players, coaches, and officials. All coaches, assistant coaches and other officials shall follow these guidelines:

  • Shall never be alone with a player
  • Shall be a role model - no drugs, alcohol, smoking or abusive language at practices/games
  • Shall demonstrate, set and maintain standards for players (e.g. respect, self-discipline, fair play)
  • Shall ensure a supportive and positive atmosphere for players, where all contributions and skill levels are respected and all players are given equal field time
  • Shall be aware of the rules of the game and comply with these rules
  • Shall respect the officials and ensure players do the same
  • Shall adhere to all OSA and WMSA policies, values and principles

Discipline Protocols

U6 to U10

These age groups will not be using formal soccer discipline practices. Any kids who are rough and bully must be spoken to by the coach and removed from the field if they don't understand what cannot be tolerated. Referees will stop the game for this opportunity to consult with the player.

U12 and Up

These age groups will be using formal soccer discipline practices. Referees will issue a yellow card (caution) for inappropriate actions (bullying, dangerous play, repeated handballs by the same player, etc). Repeated offenses by the same player could result in a red card being issued (sending off). The sent off player cannot be replaced and the team will play short handed for the rest of the game. Any red or yellow cards (U12 and above) will be subject to a discipline hearing.

Supporting the Referees

The WMSA will not tolerate abuse of referees by coaches or team parents. Our referees are young adults learning the game from the officiating side and will make mistakes. However, their decision is the one that stands. Please help us to grow our referees by providing a supportive environment to learn.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaches and Assistant Coaches (all age groups) are also subject to disciplinary action should the referee feel that such actions are warranted. 


The registration fee paid by each player entitles them to a team photo and an individual photo. You will be contacted by the photographer to arrange a time for your team's photo.

Make sure all the parents are aware and try to ensure that all players are there on time. If a parent wishes to have additional photos, they can make arrangements with the photographer directly.

If a child is unable to attend on photo night, please have the parents contact the photographer directly to set up an individual photo time. Unfortunately their child may not be in the team photo.

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