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New policy for the 2024 year regarding On-field safety

Spectating areas have been identified to ensure that the field -of-play is free of debris. 

U6 & U8 games on Hillcrest B & C shall have spectating areas at either end of the larger field. There will be no spectating at the mid-field of these games. 

U10, U12 and U15 have a policy to ensure team-only space, and spectating will be limited to the opposite side of the field from the player's bench. 

U3 and U4 are exempt from these policies, though all participants are encouraged to ensure there is no debris, personal items or litter left on the Hillcrest A field. 

Our League

Walden Minor Soccer Association is a volunteer organization in the Walden area that organizes recreational soccer for children and youth aged 3-15.

WMSA encourages fair play in a friendly sporting environment where learning the sport and enjoying the company of friends is paramount.

We do not subscribe to creating an intensely competitive environment but instead want to see all participants back the following year, having fun and getting plenty of exercise.

For the 2023 season OVER 500 kids registered for Soccer in Lively, Naughton and Whitefish. Many more people, including the WMSA Executive, youth referees, sponsors and more than 100 volunteer coaches help make the season possible. In 2024 our divisions have a cap on total teams and team sizes to ensure all registrants are able to enjoy their time on the field. 

Thank you to all of our coaches, assistant coaches, Executive Committee members and sponsors for all of your support!




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Schedules Updated May 13 2024

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