Walden Minor Soccer Association

Other Pointers & Suggestions

  • Use the 2012 Handbook to help you – it contains a lot of good information. 
  • Game sheets must be completed with player names and game numbers. 
    • The “Home” team coach is responsible for bringing a game sheet to the game, ensuring both coaches complete and sign the sheet, and for getting it to the referee.  Game sheets must be completed in full prior to the game starting.
  • The winning coach is responsible for notifying the Convenor of the game score immediately after the game.  Your Convenor will advise you of how he or she wishes to receive this information (e.g. email, phone message)
  • You should retain one good ball from those you are issued to be used as a game ball.  Make sure you have all your balls at the end of each game.  Clearly mark your soccer balls with your team name and age group.
  • For coaches with younger players, make sure you are the last to leave the field after every game to ensure that all players have safely left for home and that all belongings have been taken with them.
  • You have been issued a variety of equipment (balls, goalkeeper shirts, practice cones where applicable).  Please make sure you account for it at the end of each game.