Walden Minor Soccer Association

Mini Soccer

Players in the Under 6, Under 8 and Under 10 age groups play on mini-fields where some of the rules are different than in soccer that is played on full fields. Please note the following differences:

  1. There are no offsides in mini-soccer.
  2. There are no throw-ins in U6 or U8. When the ball goes out of bounds along the sides, the ball shall be kicked in from the point where it left the field of play by a member of the team opposing that of the player who last touched it.
  3. No pass back infractions to the goal keeper will be called.
  4. In U6 and U8, all kicks will be indirect, which means the ball must be touched by a player other than the kicker before going in the net.
  5. There will be no penalty kicks in U6 or U8.
  6. No hand balls will be called in U6 unless there is a deliberate attempt to stop a clear scoring opportunity.
  7. In U6 and U8, in the event of long periods of play with no stoppage opportunity to make substitutions, the referee may stop play in midfield when there is no clear advantage to one team or the other to allow for a substitution and resum play with a dropped ball from the same location.