Walden Minor Soccer Association

Medical Conditions & First Aid / Emergency Plan

Medical Conditions 

Please note any special medical conditions that a player on your team may have.  In some cases, there are food allergies such as nuts or citrus fruit.  Please discuss these conditions with the child’s parents to determine what type of team awareness is best.

Parents should ensure that the coach is aware of any special medical condition and what actions may be required.  In some cases the parent may have to be at every game. 

If puffers are used, please discuss with the parent(s) / guardian(s) the appropriate use, to avoid overuse by players.

Please Note: WMSA is a recreational league and coaches are not responsible for children at the field.  It is the parent's responsibility to supervise children at all times.

First Aid & Emergency Plan

Coaches and parents should know what actions would be taken in the event of a serious accident or injury.

If player cannot move a joint, do not move it for them.  Let them move on their own.  If in doubt, keep in a stationary position and call an ambulance.

Basic first aid kits are provided in all WMSA ball bags.  If you run out of supplies, please contact your Convenor to replace them.