Walden Minor Soccer Association

Insurance Coverage

Please note that our insurance policy covers only those events related to regular soccer activities.  Anything planned with your team before or after the game, or games that are not sanctioned are not covered by our insurance policy.  Also, parents cannot take part in scrimmage games.

In the event of a serious injury to a player (sprain, broken limb, other notable bodily injury), the parent of the injured child will need to fill in Injury Report forms in order to make a claim to the OSA Insurance Policy.  Your Convenor must also be notified that same night.

For general information on the insurance provided through the Ontario Soccer Association, including how to submit a claim, please visit the OSA website.

To go directly to the detailed information on how to make an insurance claim, including the insurance claim form, please click here.

To see FAQs on the OSA insurance policy, including what is covered, please click here.