Walden Minor Soccer Association

Game Cancellations

Please visit The Weather page for detailed information.

If a decision is made to cancel a game, an email will be sent out through the Weather Update Email and this website will be updated. Please advise your parents to check this website regularly.  We often do not receive notice of game cancellation until after 4:00 pm.  As soon as we are advised of cancellations, the website will be updated.

If an officially-appointed referee does not show up, the game will not stand.  The teams can hold a scrimmage with one of the coaches refereeing.  The Convenor and Referee-in-Chief must be notified that the referee did not show up.

In the event that one team has less than 11 players but still enough to field a team, and the other team has a full roster, the team with enough players does not have to reduce its number of players to match the team without a full team.  However, we remind coaches, parents and players that WMSA is a recreational league and we encourage teams to focus on player enjoyment and not on winning/losing.