Walden Minor Soccer Association

Discipline Protocols

U6 to U10

These age groups will not be using formal soccer discipline practices.  Any kids who are rough and bully must be spoken to by the coach and removed from the field if they don't understand what cannot be tolerated.  Referees will stop the game for this opportunity to consult with the player.

U12 and Up

These age groups will be using formal soccer discipline practices. Referees will issue a yellow card (caution) for inappropriate actions (bullying, dangerous play, repeated handballs by the same player, etc).  Repeated offences by the same player could result in a red card being issued (sending off).  The sent off player cannot be replaced and the team will play short handed for the rest of the game.  Any red or yellow cards (U12 and above) will be subject to a discipline hearing.  

Supporting the Referees 

The WMSA will not tolerate abuse of referees by coaches or team parents.  Our referees are young adults learning the game from the officiating side and will make mistakes.  However, their decision is the one that stands.  Please help us to grow our referees by providing a supportive environment to learn.

Please Note: Coaches and Assistant Coaches (all age groups) are also subject to disciplinary action should the referee feel that such actions are warranted.